The inner child inside us accompanies us our whole life long. All experiences, which might even date back to before our birth, shape our behaviour and eventually  our well-being as adults. Therefore, a “healing” of the inner child is important.

In this course, you will be able to read channelled messages regarding the topics. You will do practical exercises with the energized Children's Symbols, have the opportunity for honest self-reflection and self-knowledge, and you can listen to some meditations, which I have channelled and recorded exclusively for this eWorkshop.  

For the full experience of this eWorkshop you need the energized Angel Symbols for Children by Ingrid Auer (guidebook included). These are available on Amazon or in our online stores.

What participants say

“In my search for help and to get closer to myself, I came across Ingrid and her symbols and essences! They accompany me through everyday life and support, help and transform me in a wonderful way.”


“Ingrid Auer's eWorkshops are wonderfully structured and easy to understand. They are full of additional and valuable information and very clearly explained with great exercises.”


“This eWorkshop offers a wonderful opportunity to reveal one’s unknown inner feelings with the loving help from the angels. Each time again I can discover a shadow aspect in myself and heal under Ingrid's guidance.”


Course Content

  • 01
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  • 02
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    • Read first
    • Learning Task (A4)
    • Horoscope for printing
    • Astro Table (A4) as alternative for Horoscope
    • Withdrawal or Accepting Life (A3)
    • Size option: Withdrawal or Accepting Life (A4)
    • Family Heart (A3)
    • Size option: Family Heart (A4)
    • Transforming Blockages (A4)
    • Making contact with the angelic world (A4)
    • Standing up for oneself (A3)
    • Size option: Standing up for oneself (A4)
  • 04
    2) On the way to Earth
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    • Message from Angel Lyrael: Mother and father
    • Practical exercise: Your horoscope – your life path
    • Self-reflection and self-knowledge
    • Meditation: ‘Soul siblings’
  • 05
    3) Pregnancy
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    • Message from Angel Graviel: The energies of the Earth
    • Practical exercise: Withdrawal or accepting life
    • Self-reflection and self-knowledge
    • Meditation: ‘Dissolving pregnancy blockages’
  • 06
    4) Birth and the time after
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    • Message from Angel Aliel: Arriving
    • Practical exercise: Affirming life
    • Self-reflection and self-knowledge
    • Meditation: ‘Adapting to circumstances’
  • 07
    5) Parents – siblings – family
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    • Message from Angel Karmiel: The wheel of reincarnation
    • Practical exercise: Healing for the family
    • Self-reflection and self-knowledge
    • Meditation: ‘Karmic re-encounter’
  • 08
    6) Deviation from your life plan
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    • Message from Angel Goriel: Free will
    • Practical exercise: Victim role
    • Self-reflection and self-knowledge
    • Meditation: ‘Reorientation’
  • 09
    7) Inherent resources
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    • Message from Angel Rusiel: Laziness, ambition or the golden mean
    • Practical exercise: Transforming blockages
    • Self-reflection and self-knowledge
    • Meditation: ‘Being willing and able’
  • 10
    8) Forgiveness
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    • Message from Angel Veriel: Forgive yourself
    • Practical exercise: Forgive others
    • Self-reflection and self-knowledge
    • Meditation: ‘Forgive your fate’
  • 11
    9) Contact with the angelic world
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    • Message from Angel Caniel: Earthly tasks
    • Practical exercise: Making contact with the angelic world
    • Self-reflection and self-knowledge
    • Meditation: ‘Stay here!’
  • 12
    10) Release of karma
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    • Message from Angel Obiel: Journey home
    • Practical exercise: Standing up for oneself
    • Self-reflection and self-knowledge
    • Meditation: ‘Everything is fine as it is.’
  • 13
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    • Goodbye!